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4 Out-of-Home Campaigns to Learn From

Let’s cut right to the chase – a lot of companies are going beyond traditional marketing tactics to get your 1 minute of attention. Here’s a sample list of some of the companies that did it right – either by incorporating social media, digital marketing, or intrusive out-of-home advertising.

1. Forever 21 // Interactive Billboard
Launched in 2010, this is still one of our favorite out-of-home campaigns. The interactive billboard in New York Time’s Square interacts with the passing crowd by letting the billboard model “pick up” passerbys with her hands. Other features of the project included “love tweets”, a live on-screen Twitter feed from fans that include the word “Forever 21”. 

2. Mini Cooper // Personalized Billboard
Mini Cooper has had a number of out-of-home marketing campaigns, each pretty unique and branding Mini Cooper as innovatively charming. One example utilizes a computer chip installed in Mini Coopers for drivers to receive personal messages via a digital billboard when they drive past it. Creepy as it might be seeing your name on a billboard, still nonetheless, very creative.

3. Ford Britain // Augmented Reality 
Ford’s interactive screen in malls allowed users to hold a virtual model of the car within the palm of their hand. By simply stretching their hand in front of the screen, a Ford model assembles right before their eyes on the screen, with the options of virtual buttons to change car colours, open doors, fold seats, and watch demos of the car in action. The user interface is based on hand gestures and natural movement, making it very easy and accessible for passerbys to interact with it.

4. Mercedez-Benz // RFID + Social Media
Mercedes had ten kiosks set up at the 2011 PGA Championships to be seen by 25,000 exclusive VIP guests. Guests were given RFID chips that allowed them to log on an iPad, while at the event, then use the passes to login into the kiosks and ‘Like’ any of the Mercedes car models featured on the floor. Additionally, the guests could also login into Facebook and do a quick check-in, as well as a take a person and live picture at the kiosk. Interactivity with the people in the event, as well as people outside of it, while still being connected.

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