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Hello, We Are BASH!

Our Story

Our passion for experiental technologies and digital signage started our journey on what has become Bash. Over that journey, we have built countless experiental technological innovations, and fine tuned our arsel of key products. Along the way, we somehow fell in love with social media. And that intrigue for merging the real world "experiental campaigns" and linking it to those peoples' online worlds (posting to their Facebook timelines, twitter engagement, Instagram picture sharing, etc), has solidifed our direction towards our products, that we nurture each day.

If you want to know what how to drive your social media traffic from your live events, tradeshows, exhibits, and want to merge that with powerful digital signage... we are your people!


Before we start, let us profess our love for open source technology. Without you none of us would have been brave enough to tackle the huge array of technology we have engaged for our campaigns.

Our core technologies span RFID solutions, to custom interfaces with hardware sensors, to our suite of web technologies, including our social-media enabled digital signage platform known as "BuzzPoint".

How We Work

The process of crafting awesomeness.

1. Plan
2. Design
3. Development
4. Installation

Meet The Team Leaders

We define future with technology.

Filipe Laborde-Basto

Director of Technology

Filipe has worked with a huge range of technology. He has brought this ninja-hood to perfecting our bubble-tea fusion of social media, digital signage, and RFID/NFC technology.

Roni Fares

Business Development

Roni, with his globe-trotting lifestyle knows how to conceptualize and fuse technology into many facets of life. He thinks of ways of introducing our solutions into business verticals.

Tarek Atteya

International Sales Director

A Mastermind in selling strategies and building long lasting relationships. He works day and night to bring our technologies into international markets and making sure targets are being met.


We're looking for talent

If you are not only good, but passionate about what you do, and want to be a part of BASH team, we'd love to hear from you. Please send us your CV to careers@bashinteractive.com